Michelin Agilis 81 215/65 R16 65T


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Tyre brand: Michelin
Tyre model: Agilis 81
Season: Summer
Car Type: Commercial
Specification: 215/65 R16 65T
Width: 215
Profile: 65
Diameter: 16''
Load Index: 65 (290 kg)
Speed Index: T (190 km\h)


Special design for resistance to shock loads
Exceptional strength Impact resistance and wear resistance to friction on the curb of the sidewalk due to the double protective tape of the cord and the protective edge on the sidewall, as well as the new extremely wear-resistant rubber compound and increased to 4 mm thickness of the sidewalls.
The design of the Agilis 81 tire is adapted to high loads: the tread contains polyamide elements, the contact patch is enlarged.
… with even greater mileage Uniform tread wear due to 12% tread width and special orientation of grooves and lamellae
Versatility – Improved grip on all types of roads.

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Tyre Season Summer
Tyre Size 215/65 R16 65T
Width 215
Profile 65
Diameter 16
Load Index 65
Speed Index T


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